Aloha Care Sun Stick Bali Beaches Beige
Aloha Care Sun Stick Bali Beaches Beige

Aloha Care Sun Stick Bali Beaches Beige

About this item

  • SPF 50+ - VERY HIGH MINERAL PROTECTION against UVA and UVB to minimize your exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiation and prevent premature skin ageing. NON – NANO SUN-BLOCK - creates a shield on your skin, so the UV rays don’t penetrate the skin layers. It uses the mineral filter titanium dioxide, which is safe for both you and the reef.
  • 94% NATURAL MINERAL SUNSCREEN | face sunscreen intended for watersports such as surfing, kitesurfing, Stand Up Paddle (SUP) and sailing.
  • ZERO-WASTE - packed in a handy, paper tube to reduce plastic beach pollution. COLORFULLY TINTED - available in 3 awesome colors - blue, pink and nude (skin-tone) so you can see if the sunscreen is properly applied, plus it’s fun!
  • REEF-SAFE and VEGAN – the formula is free from chemical filters and nanoparticles, and it’s aquatic life safe, so you can jump into the ocean with a clear conscience.
  • WATER-RESISTANT and EASY TO APPLY so you can enjoy a longer surf-session while staying protected. Smooth texture packed in a convenient stick (no more greasy hands from conventional sunscreens!)