Crupie Apex Flatspot Resist Wheels

Crupie Apex Flatspot Resist Wheels

Size: 54mm

- Conical (Wide) Shape

- Duro: 101A

Crupiê Carlos Ribeiro Skateboard Wheels. Arriving in a 54mm height, wide shape and having a durometer (Duro) of 101A makes these skateboard wheels perfect for park & street skating. If your doing big drops, skating ledges or transition these will match all styles of skateboarding.

All of Crupiê Skateboard wide wheels are of a conical shape meaning they gain width from the core to the outer edge where the lip of the wheel is. Concial wheels provide a larger contact patch whilst minimising weight. They are also perfect for locking in on ledges and rails as the wheel naturally sits against the ledge or rail opposed to a V-cut wheel which wants to ride up due to its shape.